Amrit Gurung-Heart of the Nepathya


Nepathya-is the top leading name in Nepali Music sector, which has the highest popularity and public love than others. During the more than 30 years of its existence, it has been always popular among Nepali music lovers. Actually, NepathyaBand is a combination of folk melody with youth-friendly pop and modern western rock-pop music.

Nepathya band was developed in 1990 by 3 students while studying in college. It was built by Dipak Rana, Bhim Poon and Amrit Gurung.  30  plus musicians have been worked in Nepathya Band to date.

Amrit Gurung-Heart of the Nepathya
On the success of  Nepathya story is Amrit Gurung who is from Pokhara. He is known as the backbone of Nepathya. He was born on  1st July 1968 in Pumdi Bhumdi(near Pokhara). He completed his graduation from Kathmandu. Besides Music, he is a good composer, lyricist, traveller, photographer, and manager of this Nepathya Band. He loves the culture, language, religion, tradition of his country and give respect to other countries too.  He travelled almost part of Nepal and many countries of the world.

Nepathya song are very popular among all groups of people in Nepal. ‘Chhekyo Chhekyo’, Jomsomai bazarma,’vhedako uun jasto’ ‘resham’ etc. are most popular songs. Nepathya performed many live stage concerts all over the world. At the Wembley Arena Concert in the UK, Nepathya Band succeeds to gather 8,000 crowds of their band’s lovers. They have been doing lots of educational and peace tour concerts in various parts of the country. Their brand is not only for music because they performed like the ”Education for Music” concert was very effective for rural schools and students.

Nepathya’s front man, Amrit Gurung is not involves in politics. But he awareness the people about politics and freedom. He says, When the smell of art, caste religion, limitation of restriction starts coming to the power, it is oriented towards dictatorship. Unfortunately, in today’s world this smell is coming. ”Our speech may be stopped, but can anyone dare to silence the bird? When the country was at home conflict he appealed for peace to all.At that time,He sang ”Tadha dherai tadha udeka ragin chara’, was an appeal for peace.

Besides his simple living is also admirable for the flamboyant era. Now he running at the age of 53, But his passion, vigour, efficiency, activism, singing field can be seen more than a young man. He will be an example for all and will always be a role model.

Amrit Gurung-Heart of the Nepathya

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