Dog, Street Dogs, its Problems in Kathmandu, and Solution


Dog, Street Dogs, its Problems in Kathmandu, and Solution

 The dog is a domestic pet mammal. These are listed under Canis lupus familiaris. It is also an omnivorous animal. It has been living with humans for about 12,000 years in human history. As a hunter, friend, security guard, etc., people are found to keep this belly with them. This is a very obedient animal. People may have kept it with them because they can understand people’s love, anger, and even feelings. It has different species and some species are very intelligent. It can detect many things by sniffing. That is why dogs are widely used in criminal investigations. Even in Nepal, dogs are kept at home for many purposes. Apart from home security and friends, it is also used in the care of livestock in the forest. Since there are many Hindus in Nepal, it has a special religious significance. There is a tradition of special worship of dogs during the big festival Dipawali (Festival of Light) of Nepal. But Nowadays, Apart from Hindus and Nepalese (also Indian subcontinent), the practice of worshiping dogs on this occasion is also increasing worldwide.


Dog, Street Dogs, its Problems in Kathmandu, and Solution


Street dogs conditions and problems in Kathmandu

Most of the people in Kathmandu keep dogs in their homes. Their condition is definitely good. But the condition of the street dogs is not so good. They do not have a secure shelter or good food. They have to face the scorching sun and the cold water of the rain. Stray dogs are not getting good medicine for the injured and while sick. It is their obligation to stay hungry for a long time. About 40,000 of these dogs live on the streets of Kathmandu.

Some people treat them well, but not all people are the same. They are also facing abuse such as pouring hot water, hitting with a knife or a sword, and hitting with a stick. Some kind people have been feeding them daily. They are also treating the injured dogs. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has also brought some programs for them but they have not been very effective. Some organizations are also working for street dogs.

 Organizations involved in the field of street dogs

Some organizations are working to solve the problem of street dogs in Kathmandu. Some of them are as below.

1. Kathmandu Animal Treatment (KAT)

2. Animal Nepal

3. Sneha’s Care

4. Aatmoutsarga Nepal

5. Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust

6. Paaila


Impact of street dogs in Kathmandu

More than 100 people have to go to the hospital every day due to dog bites in Kathmandu valley. Rarely have there been tragic incidents of people being killed by stray dogs. Due to their extreme shouting during the night, people’s sleep is also found to be affected. There is a fear of being bitten by dogs while walking at night in Kathmandu valley. In fact, at night people have to face fear because of them.



The main problem is not street dogs but their lack of proper management. They also have the right to survive. Initiatives from various organizations and government agencies do not seem to be sufficient. Sterilization can also be a way to reduce their numbers, but it is not advisable to kill their natural reproduction. Therefore, it seems that the state has to manage them properly. So that the relationship with the dog, which has been a good friend of man for a long time, will be better and people will not be affected by them.


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