Folk Song of Nepal-Types and Importance

Folk Song of Nepal-Types and Importance


 A folk song is a song sung traditionally or in a modified form in a special place or area. These songs have been passed down from one generation to the next. They have their own identity. They give the identity of tradition, special place, caste, religion, etc. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual country. Many cultures, traditions, religions, castes, and languages ​​are well integrated here.

Folk Song of Nepal-Types and Importance

 Folk songs of Nepal are popular among people of all ages, from children to the elderly. They are sung for various occasions and festivals, events, and reties. They are traditional songs that are typical for a particular community in our country. These folk songs are sung in local tunes with or without instruments, and people sing them at weddings, funerals, and other festivities. They are known for their simplicity and beauty in terms of melody, rhythm, and meaning.



Types of the Folk song in Nepal

Nepal is a country united in diversity. Therefore, there is unity and diversity in various things. Folk sang is also one of them. There are many types of folk songs which are sung in different places and occasions. These are some of the more popular folk songs in Nepal.


1. Tamang song

These songs are sung especially in the Tamang caste. Damphu is played in most of the songs. Tamang Selo is one of the most sung and popular songs of Tamang folk songs.

2. Gurung song

Gurung people mostly live in the western part of Nepal. They have a tradition of living or singing Rodhi which is very popular. The music sung or performed at the funeral is also very important in that caste.

3. Kirati song

Kiratis living in the eastern part of the country also have their different types of songs. Dhan Naach, Chandi Naach, Sakela, etc. dances and songs are their major and folk culture.



4. Newari song

Newar and Newari songs are sung in and around Kathmandu Valley. They have their music. Newari folk has special significance in marriage, worship and death rites. Narayan Gopal is said to be the ‘Swor Samrat’ of Nepali song is also belongs to the Newar caste.


Folk Song of Nepal-Types and Importance

5. Magar song

Magar song is also one of the folk songs of Nepal. Kaudda or Sorathi is a popular song or music of the Magar caste.


6. Dohori song

Dohori song is the most sung song in the western region of Nepal. But now it is a very popular song in this country and abroad too. Rhythmic language is often sung as a way of debate between boys and girls. So, it is the major folk song of Nepal.



7. Deuda song

There is a tradition of singing and dancing deuda in the far west of Nepal. This is also the folk music of the country.


8. Bhajan

It is customary to sing these songs for the glory of God. Bhajans are sung during worship in temples and homes.



9. Maithili song

Maithili song is a popular song sung in the Mithila region. Mithila region belongs to both Nepal and India. These songs are also of a unique type in Nepal.


10. Teej song

Teej song is a song sung especially by Nepali women. It is customary to sing these songs on the occasion of Teej. The pain and suffering of women are reflected in these songs.

Folk Song of Nepal-Types and Importance

11.Gandharva song

The Gandharvas have been singing this song. They have been singing such songs from village to village. They have included such things as accident, theft, trafficking in women and violence in their songs. Sarangani is played as a musical instrument.



12.Tharu song
13. Sherpa song
14. Purbeli song 

Apart from these, there are many other folk songs in Nepal. 




 Importance of folk song


Folk songs and folk music are part of our cultural heritage. They also have a great significance in Nepalese culture. There are different types of folk songs, which are related to various occasions, festivals, events in our country. These folk songs are sung in local tunes and with or without instruments. By singing these songs, people can express their feelings to their friends and relatives. They have been so important to our culture that they have become part of our national heritage. These songs also unite people and communities by removing mutual animosity.




Among the many cultural diversity, the folk song is also very important. That is why we should preserve and promote the folk songs of our country as it will help us to preserve the culture of our country and it also helps us to learn different aspects of life


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