How To Make Panipuri And Chatpate At Home?


How To Make Panipuri And Chatpate At Home?

Panipuri and Chatpate are now the favorite food of Nepalese. Instead of other food and snacks, it is being used more and more nowadays. Especially for the younger generation and women, this recipe has become very popular. It is often traded in small shops, streets, and chowks. Panipuri and Chatapate business seems to be flourishing near schools, colleges, and ladies’ hostels. Starting from the Indian subcontinent, it is also very easy to prepare. It can be traded at low cost and investment. It can be taken as a quick snack as it tastes sour and spicy when eaten. Today we will discuss how to make Panipuri and Chatpate in your own home with a sweet taste.


How To Make Panipuri And Chatpate At Home


Required Ingredients

1. Onion                        -1 pcs.

2. Peas                           -100 gm (soaked)

3. Potato                        -300 gm (boiled)

4. Noodle                      -1 packet

5. Almonds                    -100 gm

6. Green chili                 -2 pcs

7. Green Coriander        -100 gm

8. Puffed rice                 -100 gm

9. Water                         -1 glass

10. Panipuri cone          -as required



1. Noodle spice

2. Black spice (alas)

3. Ajina moto

4. Black salt

5. Chili powder

6. Lemon or vinegar

7. Pickle sauce

8. Water spice (for panipuri)



1. Chopping board

2. Knife

3. Mug

4. Small stick


1. Cut the onion into small pieces on a chopping board with the help of a knife.

Also, cut green chilies and green coriander into small pieces in the same way.

2. Make small pieces of noodles.

3. Peel out the boiled potatoes and cut them into small pieces.

4. Now put peas, chopped potatoes, onions and green chilies, noodles, almonds in the mug.

5. In the same mug add puffed rice, noodle spice, black spice (alas), ajina moto, black salt, chili powder.

6. Also add pickle sauce and lemon or vinegar.

7. Apply well with the help of small sticks.

 Now your chatpate is ready. You can eat it on a plate or paper plate.


For Panipuri

For Panipuri

1. Same process as Chatpate(1-6).

2. Put water spice and lemon juice in the water and mix well.

3.  Now take a panipuri cone, break it slowly on one side.

4. Keep the mixture of chatpate (1-6) inside the panipuri cone.

5. Put a small amount of water spice and lemon juice inside the cone.

Now Panipuri is ready. You can get a taste of it.


Panipuri and Chatpate are common dishes that can be easily made at home. They are very popular not only in Nepal but also in the Indian subcontinent. As it is a readily available ingredient, home-cooked meals seem to save both health and money.

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