How to apply for a police report in Nepal?

How to apply for a police report in Nepal? If so, this is the right place or blog for you. The Police Clearance Certificate (also known as a police report in short) is an official document, which is available after the concerned government body or the police have checked the background or criminal incident of the person.

Criminal incidents include theft, robbery, murder, rape, etc. Police certificates are also called Good Citizens Certificates, National Police History, etc. in some other countries.

Documents that need to apply for a police report or police character certificate in Nepal

If you are applying for a police report online, the following documents and others will be required.

1. Citizenship -Images of the front side and backside of it.

2. Passport – Images of the second and third page (Bio page) and 31 pages of it.

3. If you are currently abroad, you will also need a page with the immigration stamp of the passport.

4. Image of a passport size photo (3.5 cm / 4.5 cm).

5. Your mobile number.

6. Email or Gmail Id. (Note:Your email and mobile will have a temporary password and a certificate will come after verification in the email).

How to apply for a police report in Nepal or Nepal police online form?

1. Visit the website at

How to apply for a police report in Nepal

2. Click on Register. Click on one of I’m Nepali, I’m Foreign or I’m a refugee and click Next.

3. Fill in your full name, choose the gender, enter the mobile number and email, fill in the captcha, and click on register.

4. A temporary password will appear on your mobile and email. Then change the password.

5. Now you have to fill out the online form in 5 steps. They are personal information, address, documents, self-declaration, and confirmation.

How to apply for a police report in Nepal

6. Fill in all the details correctly as per your citizenship or passport.

7. Only upload documents and a photo that is clear and in the required size.

8. In the passport issuing authority section, fill in according to the stamp on page 3 of the passport. Your application may be rejected if there are any mistakes written on the stamp.

9. In the self-declaration section, you can specify whether you have a criminal history or not.

10. Once all the details are completed, recheck once and confirm.

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How long does it take to get an online police report in Nepal?

You have already applied for all the details online for a police report in Nepal. Now you need the certificate of police clearance report. If there is nothing wrong with the details you fill in, you will receive the certificate by email. It will take 2 hours to 6 hours to get the document. But only if you fill out the form during office hours. Otherwise, if you fill the form on a public holiday or office off time, you will get it within a few hours of office opening.

How long is the Nepal Police report valid?

Many people are found to have this curiosity. In fact, the correct answer is 6 months. Once the police clearance certificate is obtained, its validity will be valid for 6 months only. Then you fill out the online form again. and you can take this.

Last Word

Did you find the answer to the query ” How to apply for a police report in Nepal?”  I think yes. It is not very difficult to fill out the online form of police clearance report online in Nepal if you follow the above steps properly.

2 thoughts on “How to apply for a police report in Nepal?”

  1. hello,
    do we have to pay for it or not ? (any charges ?)

    >when i was 14 year old, i got stucked into robbery/theif case. (but i am not a thief).. what will happen ?
    >at the time i haven’t built my nagrita also… now please tell me? will it affect my doc or not ? now i am soon truning into 19 by the end of this month.

    • For the Police report only no need to pay. But in the stamp on certificate of police report (परराष्टकाे छाप पनि भनिन्छ) you need to pay.
      Be a minor under 14 years of age. They do not have any laws, they are treated as children for 14 to 16 years and some punishment or detention is customary. Even if you made a mistake then, it will not have any effect or difference now. You must be sure.


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