Windows 11-Microsoft Newest Version


          Microsoft Windows

Microsoft began working on the operating system in 1981 as an interface manager. But in 1983, it changed its name to Windows. Windows 1.0 did not launch at the announced time, but in 1985 Microsoft released it to users. In the days that followed, Microsoft became so famous for its Windows operating system that it continues to this day. Windows is much more user friendly than other operating systems. That is why it is being used extensively in most of the world’s computers and laptops. However, the mobile versions released by Windows were not very popular.


Windows 11-Microsoft Newest Version

List of Microsoft Windows

1. Windows 1.01

2. Windows 1.02

3. Windows 1.03

4. Windows 1.04

5. Windows 2.01

6. Windows 2.03

7. Windows 2.1

8. Windows 2.11

9.      Windows 3.0

10. Windows 3.1

11. Windows NT 3.1

12. Windows 3.11

13. Windows 3.2

14. Windows NT 3.5

15. Windows NT 3.51

16. Windows 95

17. Windows NT 4.0

18. Windows 98

19. Windows 98 Second Edition

20. Windows 2000

21. Windows Me

22. Windows XP

23. Windows Vista

24. Windows 7

25. Windows 8

26. Windows 8.1

27. Windows 10 (13 Sub- Version)

28. Windows 11 

Cancelled Version of Windows

Many versions of Microsoft’s Windows had gained success and popularity. But some versions were cancelled by the company. More than 9 Windows versions including Cairo, Neptune, Polaris etc. were postponed.

How to find windows version?

1. Type Computer in search box, then right click on computer button and select properties and you will find version of windows. 


2. Type setting in search box, then click on about and you will find version of windows under windows specifications.

Windows 11

After the widespread success of Windows 10, on June 24, 2021, Microsoft announced the release of the Windows 11 version. Which was released to users on October 5, 2021. At first glance, Windows 11 doesn’t look much different than Windows 10. But Microsoft seems confident that Windows 11 will be even more popular than 10. Now let’s look at the features and more about of Windows 11.

Windows 11-Microsoft Newest Version

Features of Windows 11

The biggest change in Windows 11 is on its taskbar. All icons are moved from left to center. At first glance, it looks like a Mac operating system. But users will be able to move it to the side just like in Windows 10. It also has a focus mode like in mobile. In Windows 11, files such as documents, downloads, videos, music, etc. folders can be found within the Start menu. Now the feature of voice typing has also been added in Windows 11. For this, the user will be able to give voice after typing Windows Plus H and the system will type in automatic letters. The company claims to be a bit more advanced than Google Voice Typing. A feature that allows you to work simultaneously on single monitor with multiple windows has also been added to this version. Users will also be able to turn the notification on or off as they wish. It also added Auto HDR feature for video and game editing. Other more features have been added to Windows 11, you can make your system Windows 11 to experience.

System Requirements

The following hardware is required to run Windows 11.

1. RAM -4 Gb or greater

2. Processor – 1 gigahertz or faster which is compatible with 64-bit operating system

3. Storage-64 Gb or more

4. Graphics card: Direct-X 12 compatible with or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver.

5. System Firmware-UEFI

6. TPM- Version 2.0

7. Display-HD (720p) or greater

8. Internet and Microsoft account- Internet is required to update and download & For Home Edition both internet and account are required

Overview of the Users

There are mixed reactions to Windows 11. Users are responding to some problems. Some users have responded that some features are not working properly, when upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. There are problems such as no sound, Bluetooth, etc. while upgrading windows 10. Apart from this, most of the responses are good. If you have any issue regarding windows 11, You may take help with Support Microsoft. 

Is windows 11 will be our choice?

The Microsoft Windows operating system should be considered one step ahead of other operating systems. Overall, Windows 11 is good. Hopefully Windows 11 will be even better in the next few months after its meaty update arrives. Finally, You too can experience Windows 11 OS by upgrading Windows 10 or installing Windows 11.

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