How to Screenshot on a Dell Laptop ?

How to screenshot on a Dell laptop ? Are you searching for this?  If so, you are in the correct place. The same process applies to Lenovo, Samsung, and other laptops, also same with Dell laptops. The reason is that this method is often the same on laptops or desktop computers with Windows operating system.

How to Screenshot on a Dell Laptop ?

Dell laptops are one of the most used Windows operating systems. Its users are in large numbers all over the world. Along with the rapid development of technology, new technologies are also being used in computers. At the same time, some changes have been made to the screenshot-taking system. In fact, taking a screenshot is not a big deal. But for some users, even newer users may find this topic a bit uncomfortable. This is because newer models of this laptop and newer versions of Windows have developed some different ways of taking screenshots. But today I will tell you in a simple way how to a screenshot on a Dell laptop?  

What is a screenshot on a laptop or computer?

Taking a snapshot of a laptop or computer screen is called a screenshot. In other words, to take a photo of the screen of a computer or laptop is a screenshot.When you take a screenshot, it is automatically copied to the clipboard. And you can paste  it in programs like ms paint, ms word, Gmail or Photoshop and save. But some laptops and Windows models and versions also have automatic saving. Which can be found screenshots sub folder of the Pictures folders.  

How to screenshot on a Dell laptop?

The method of taking a screenshot on a Dell laptop is divided into two parts.

  •    Keyboard shortcut
  •    Snipping tool

In the keyboard shortcut method, when one or more keys are pressed simultaneously, different functions are performed. Similarly, a snipping tool is also a system or program, with the help of it full screen or partial screenshots can be taken.

Keyboard shortcut

1. Normally you can capture screenshot on Dell laptop by pressing the Prtscr key. Then paste it into programs like Microsoft paint, Microsoft word, Gmail or Photoshop and save it to the desired folder.

2. In some models you can take a screenshot by pressing the win (Windows)+  Fn + Prtscr keys simultaneously. And you will do the number 1 process for saving.

3. Also in some models of Dell laptops you can take a screenshot by pressing the   Fn + End keys simultaneously. And you will do the number 1 or 2 process for saving.

4. Also in some models of these laptops you can take a screenshot by pressing the   Alt + Prtscr keys simultaneously. And you will do the same process of number 1 or 2 for saving.

5. On some models of Dell Laptop, pressing the Win (Windows) and Prnscr key at the same time saves the screenshot of the screen. You can find the saved screenshot in the Pictures folder.

Snipping Tool

How to Screenshot on a Dell Laptop ?

1. By using this tool you can also take screenshots of the screen. To find the snipping tool, click on the search button in the lower-left corner of the taskbar and type the snipping tool, and hit to find it.

2. Then find and click the snipping tool.

3. When it opened click on new, right-click and drag the mouse over that area which you want to capture. Then save it to desired folders.

4. This snipping tool is also done by pressing the Shift, S, and Win keys together.


Taking screenshots on a Dell laptop can be done easily from all the above methods. You can take a screenshot of the laptop according to the model of your laptop and from any of the above methods that you feel comfortable with.

Social Media- Types,Advantage, Disadvantage, and Future in Nepal

Social Media-  Advantage, Disadvantage, and Future in Nepal

Introduction to social media

Social media is a worldwide networking platform that serves as a medium for people to connect and communicate with each other. It is a form of media that allows people to share their opinions, thoughts, experiences, and ideas with the world. Social media is also an effective tool for social change, social marketing, social activism, and social networking, with many tools and services dedicated to these purposes. People around the world are now taking social media into their daily lives. It has brought the world closer to each other in a unique way. Nepal is not far from these social networks. All kinds of networks are used in Nepal. We will now discuss their types, advantages, disadvantages, and future in Nepal.

Social Media- Types,Advantage, Disadvantage, and Future in Nepal


Types of social media

Many scientists have worked tirelessly to bring social media to its present state. Six Degrees was formerly considered the first social network, released in 1997. There are hundreds of such networks available to us today. Here are some of the most used types of social networks in Nepal.

1. Facebook

2. YouTube

3. Twitter

4. Tiktok


6. Whats-app

7. Telegram

8. Viber



Social media has changed the lifestyle of many Nepalese. It has become possible to talk on audio and video calls with relatives or friends who are away from home and abroad. Photos and videos can be shared live with others. It used to cost a lot of money to do these things in the past but today these things have become possible at a negligible cost.

 Social media is also a source of entertainment. Different songs, music, videos, movies, serials, etc. have become great options for listening and watching on it. Through the network, Nepalese has been able to present their art and abilities to others, which has allowed them to work in the field. These platforms have also been successful in doing and expanding their business. It has become a convenient medium for getting news, information, new technology, and new things. It has also started to be widely used in the field of study and teaching. These networks have played a significant role in the political transformation and turmoil in Nepal.


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