How to make a multi-plug at home?

How to make a multi-plug at home?


The use of electrical appliances is on the rise. The use of such items in the home or office has become as necessary. The use of washing machines, fridges, electric heaters, iron, Electric mug computer, printer, etc. has become normal. There are many benefits to this. But since these are heavy electrical goods, they consume a lot of electricity. Or they have a lot of potentials (Watt). They are supplied with electricity through power sockets. But power sockets may not be available everywhere. In such cases, multi-plugs are required. There are fancy type plugs in the market which are also very expensive. And such multi plugs can’t handle all electrical equipment. As a result, electrical equipment can be damaged and even fire can lead to accidents. You will learn how to make Multi plug easily in your own home.


How to make a multi-plug at home

 What is the multi-plug?

Multi-plug is an electrical device that is designed to connect multiple plugs in a parallel way. In terms of convenience, it can be easily moved from one place to another.


Necessary materials and equipment

1. two-pin top          – 1 pcs.

2. open extension cord- 1 pcs.

3. wire (1.5mm or above) -4 meters or more

 4. Screwdriver

5.  Cutting pillars

 You can get the above equipment and materials at the market easily at a low price.



1. Cut the wire in half with the help of cutting pillars.

2. Remove the 1-inch insulator from the four ends of the wire with cutting pillars.

3. With the help of a screwdriver, open the screw on the two pin-top and the two screws inside it in the same way.

4. Now insert the two ends of the wire into the two screws inside the two-pin top and tight them properly. And tight Tupin screw with the help of a screwdriver.

5. Now open the two screws on the back of the extension cord like the screws two-pin top tight the ends of the two wires tightly. And close cord too.

Now you are ready to use your multi-plug. You can use it according to your wishes and needs.




Instead of buying low-quality and expensive multi-plugs in the market, you can make them yourself at home. You get high-quality goods and you also save money. What’s more, it will help you become a general technician and increase your creativity.


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